The Chevrolet Sonic


The Chevrolet Aveo is a subcompact car manufactured since 2002, originally by the South Korean General Motors (GM) subsidiary, GM Daewoo—and later by other GM-affiliated entities. The second generation Aveo debuted in January 2011, marketed globally as the Chevrolet Aveo; in North America, the Middle East, Chile, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, and South Africa as the Chevrolet Sonic.


The Chevy Sonic is offered in two body styles: a stylish four-door sedan and a sporty five-door. Both variants key signature elements are the exposed headlamps which resemble the look of a high-performance motorbike. The headlamps are mounted without traditional lens covers, for a three-dimensional appearance on the front corners.


The Sonic’s sleek lines are the result of improved aerodynamics, which contribute to the sub-compact’s sporty look and European-style handling. Gaps between finished seams at the doors, fenders, hood and headlamps are minimized to reduce wind noise and provide a more solid appearance. 16” alloy wheels are fitted in the Sonic to accentuate its bold and strong stance.


The Chevrolet Sonic’s interior design very much compliments its exterior look and image. Premium materials, motorbike inspired instrument cluster, dual-cockpit design and ice blue backlighting strengthens the sporty feel within the inside.


Loaded with high-tech and functional features like steering wheel mounted audio controls for easy music selection and volume adjustment, rear windshield defogger that assures clear side visibility during cold weather, multi-media digital connectivity which is compatible to almost if not all modern MP3 players, ample storage space and 2nd row 60:40 split fold for flexible cargo loading promotes driving comfort and convenience.


Another promising feature of the Sonic was the Infotainment. The all-new Chevrolet MyLnik System 7″ touchscreen multimedia, smartphone-iPod-Iphone connectivity, internet browsing support, audio/video, USB, audio/video AUX, clock, day-date, thermometer, HVAC and vehicle settings, and Bluetooth give you freedom for unlimited information and entertainment, available on the 1.4 MT LTZ and 1.4 AT LTZ variants. Poke Thru Radio CD/MP3/WMA with AUX port, on the other hand, was available for the 1.4 MT LT, 1.4 AT LT, 1.4 MT LS, 1.4 AT LS variants.


Equipped with a new 1.4L Ecotec engine with double Continuous-Variable Cam-phase (CVC), the Chevy Sonic provides efficient power and quality driving performance. Its improved fuel injectors combined with high-tech oxygen sensors optimizes fuel injection ratios that minimize emissions. Built with “return-less” fuel rail and electronically controlled EGR valve that makes sure all the fuel that circulates in the engine are smartly utilized and maximized, matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission, the Chevy Sonic is a vehicle of choice for gas consumption conscious car buyers.


The impressive driving experience of the all-new Chevy Sonic may be classified as among the best in its class. It has a six-mount engine cradle that provides stability to the engine, resulting to remarkable handling and reduced Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH). A wide stance with “wheels-to-the-corners” design gives the Sonic a solid, planted appearance which also delivers a naturally balanced ride. Driving is enhanced by an advanced steering system that is tuned to respond sensitively in congested city traffic, but still offers steady handling during fast speed open road driving. Visit our car dealership (Chevy Pasig, Chevy Shaw, Chevy Batangas, Chevy Alabang, and Chevy Laguna) for a test drive.