Preventive Maintenance Service

Getting your Chevy serviced regularly is the best way to maintain your car’s brand new look and of course to save you from spending too much money in the future in case major problems happen.

Your car deserves a proper grooming to keep it running at its best.

To protect your car from damage and any operational problems, always do a regular PMS interval as specified by Chevrolet. Here are some tips from Chevrolet to keep your vehicle in good shape:

1. Oils and Fluids. Check the level and color of all fluids at every gas refill. To lubricate your car properly, change oil and fluids if necessary.

2. Observe a proper maintenance on detergents and anti-foaming agents and do not wait for the engine to make noise or burn oil for the transmission.

3. Change your oil and oil filter regularly to protect your engine and improve your gas mileage.

4. Monitor your brake pad thickness as well as the brake rotors and calipers. Make sure the brakes are not dragging.

5. Washing your car regularly will help protect your car’s undercarriage from damage. Pollutants in the air, bugs, tar, salt in air/road, dirt, sludge, and more all damage your car.

6. Increase your safety by making sure your tires are properly aligned and inflated. Rotate tires every other change oil this equalizes tread wear and maximizes the life of your tires.

7. Accelerate slowly to saves gas and reduce the stress on your engine.

8. Keep your front suspension and steering in proper alignment.

9. Keep your vehicle’s engine in proper mechanical condition. Make sure your vehicle’s engine is in tune and see to it that the air and fuel filters are clean.

10. Do not use premium fuel if your vehicle does not require it.